Healthstar Non-Sterile 1 Oz. Graduated Plastic Medicine Cups, 100 Count

SKU: HS9007


With easy-to-read graduated measurements in tablespoons, drams, cc’s, milliliters, and fluid ounces, this disposable 1 oz. polypropylene plastic medicine cup provides a sanitary way to dispense liquid, dry or solid medications. Using a disposable medicine cup like this helps prevent the spread of germs since you won’t be reusing the same cup. Although most often used in the health care industry, these calibrated, flexible plastic medicine cups also make it easy to measure out precise quantities of spices or other ingredients for cooking. Or, you can use them to distribute food samples, equally portioned appetizers, jello cups, desserts, snacks, and more!


  • Precise calibrations prevent dosing errors, also great for measuring ingredients
  • Sanitary way to distribute liquid or solid medicine
  • Embossed measurements for visibility
  • Manufactured of strong flexible polypropylene material
  • Calibrated from 1-8 drams; 1/8-1 fluid ounce; 1-2 tablespoon and 2.5-30 mL and cc.

About MFG

Healthstar is a leading provider of health and personal care products. Committed to improving people’s quality of life through design and innovation, we offer affordable high-quality mobility devices, physical therapy equipment and daily living aids for a broad spectrum of end users. Choose Healthstar products for all your recovery, mobility and daily living needs.


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