Healthstar 9 Hole Pegboard

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Wooden Box Peg Board for Finger Dexterity, Physical Therapy, Fine Motor Coordination, Sensory Rehabilitation.

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Crafted out of solid wood, our 9 hole pegboard easily outperforms others currently on the market when it comes to durability and reliability. Since some physical therapists and rehabilitation professionals require tools they can use when treating on the go, we have also designed our 9 hole pegboard to be small, configurable and portable. Thanks to the hidden storage compartments, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your tiny pegs.

There really is no other choice if you want to arm yourself with nothing but the finest physical therapy accessories available. Make the smart move – Order your wooden 9 hole peg board today!

SUGGESTED USES: These 9 hole pegboards are generally used for finger dexterity exercises, but they can also be used to help improve fine motor coordination, enhance concentration and aid in increasing reactionary speed.

ALL WOOD BOX: Made entirely out of real wood and sanded to present a smooth finish, the peg box and the 9 included pegs are easy to grip and move around. The pieces are safe, strong and always dependable.

HIGHLY DURABLE: Since it is made out of 100% wood, the 9 hole pegboard and small pegs are also unbelievably durable. The wooden pegs and the solid wood board box are also incredibly easy to keep clean.

STORAGE SLOTS: Never lose your pegs again! This unique 9 hole pegboard has been designed to feature an integrated sliding panel on each side that gives way to a hidden storage compartment.

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Small and compact in size, the 9 hole peg board is also conveniently portable. Simply put the wooden pegs into the cavity chambers, slide the panels to close them, grab the mini box and go.

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